Cacao Celebration 

By Herbal Cacao

Fryday 27th May 2022


Bamboo Lodge

What to expect…..

We gather in unity –  Dress code: White

Welcoming cacao ceremony

Breathwork Journey

Fire Ceremony (if weather permits)

Eat / Share / Connect – Nourishing bites

Body Paint

Dance Party

DJ & Live drums ( feel free to bring your own instruments)

Unlimted Cacao Bar

An event that connects you to like-minded people, ready to party on the next level

An evening to connect back to your inner world, to allow yourself to feel and share in an authentic way with others

A safe place to allow your creativity to flow, through dance and creative art

Raise your vibration and party on a deeper level, whilst feeling natural high without the use of harmful substances 

An evening that will keep you high on life for days to follow

Let’s raise our vibration!! Reserve your space  [email protected]