For thousands of years, magicians have been developing techniques to deceive the senses,
and dazzle the imagination. To protect these secrets we have a strict code, and tight
networks of communication for discussing methodology. Many practitioners have gone their
entire careers without sharing their means, no matter the sum offered. Some have even
died during performance, taking their secrets with them to the grave.

The Wand King is presenting a two day workshop offering secrets, supplies, and personal
instruction in the techniques of sleight of hand, misdirection, and trickery. This two day
seminar will teach you not only the methods of magic, but principles, history, and
showmanship. Embrace an age old tradition of mystery, and step beyond the veil of
perception, with the Miracle Majesty Workshop.

*Required materials will be provided.


Day 1

  • Sleight of hand with cards
  • Sleight of hand with coins
  • Multiple methods

    2 PM Vegetarian Lunch

  • Misdirection vs. deception
  • Scripting
  • Body language

    7 PM Vegetarian Diner
    8 PM Campfire with Marshmallows

    Day 2

    8 AM Vegetarian Breakfast

  • Trickery, apparatus, and craft
  • Where to find secrets for free
  • Assembling a set list

    2 PM Vegetarian Lunch


  • Approach and the audience
  • Dress and deportment
  • Performance test
  • The oath

    7 PM End

The Wand King

A Biography
Shawn Newman started magic as a young lad at the age of 13. Since learning his first trick
he has won awards at multiple competitions, and subsequently taught magic and methods
at several institutions, as well as privately. As a performer, he does a tight close-up show,
working from a book of potions and spells, which he has with him at all times.
Using a variety of props (not just card tricks…yawn), he was offered membership at the
Magic Castle in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles and is currently touring the world doing
magic in 9 languages. Shawn is always searching for new audience members to

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