Bamboo Lodge

The Bamboo Lodge is build on a former Sugar factory terrain and is situated on a 5 minute bicycle trip from the vibrant city center of Groningen. It is the perfect place for business meetings, company and private functions, weddings, mini festivals, birthday parties, seminars, retraites and workshops. We’re open to your ideas and will gladly help you to make your wishes come true.

We’ve spend 6 years building the lodge and transforming a concrete plate into a tropical garden with lots of different tropical plant species. The building is still in progress and we expect to open our gates in the spring of 2022. We will be hosting monthly workshops and seminars and next to that our terrace is open for parties on most weekends. If there is no program, you can book a room to stay in our lodge. For private functions, please contact us to explore options.

The Bamboo Lodge is the place to be if you’d like to stay in a semi tropical lodge and enjoy a slightly alternative way of living during your stay. We aim to be as self sufficient as possible, heating on wood fires and in the future collecting and filtering rain water, grow our own foods and use solar power for electricity. Most of our facilities are built using recycled materials that we collect during the year.

You can expect a western town meets a tropical garden, meets an alternative hippie/ bohemian lifestyle environment. ​
During your stay we encourage you to feel at home as much as possible in all our facilities.

What does Bamboo Lodge offer?
We offer extensive training programmes and retraites for our students . We invite teachers from around the globe, each a master in his/her field looking forward to share their knowledge with you. Our wish is to encourage new talent to explore and develop their artistic abilities. By doing so we encourage the underground arts to spread further around the globe.

And what else?
Next to workshops and creative arts seminars we offer body and mind retraites for anyone who is interested. During these retraites you are invited for a comfortable stay at the lodge while following daily practices such as Yoga, Meditation, healing sessions, use our sweat lodge, take a massage and enjoy good healthy food.