Welcome to our home, the Bamboo Lodge, We invite you to feel at home as much as you can, while keeping these house rules in mind. 

We wish you a wonderful stay.

* Feel free to use anything in the cupboards in the lounge. It is our communal space. If you have booked breakfast you can use anything from the fridge and breadbaskets.

* We do not tollerate any illegal drugs on our premesis. Failing to comply will lead to the persons removal from the lodge.

* Only our staff may opperate the fire places, with exception of the outdoor fireplaces. Ask the staff for more info on making outside fires.

* Boys pee either in the urinal or sit down on the toilet, respect the facilities please. 

  Toilet paper can be flushed, please don’t throw anything else in the toilet.

* Clean up after yourself and others.

* You brake it, you buy it.

* Remember you are a guest, be as respectful to our home and others as possible.

* We have camera’s in many places, by entering the lodge, you agree to being filmed and recorded.

* Please comply with our trash seperation system to help us recycle.

* When leaving or entering the lodge’s gates, please make sure the gate closes behind you.  We have a lot of animals here that otherwise might escape.

* After 22:00 no loud music or sound outside.

* No pets allowed.

* No children under the age of 12.

* Please don’t feed our animals.

* Stay on the walking paths.

* Staying at the lodge is at your own risk. Management is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items, nor do we accept any responsibilty for personal injuries.

* Check out is before 10:30AM.

* Late check out is at 14:00 latest

* Checking out must be done at the reception. Please return your keys to and leave your room behind in good standard in order to receive your deposit back from us.

* No refunds.

* If you have any questions, please don’t hassitate to contact any of our staff for help.